The main theme of TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System and TS EN ISO 27001 Information Security Management System; Cloud Infrastructure Service Provider.

Our quality policy

  • To adopt its customers as work friends, to make the friendship permanent with the works and performances and not to lose any friends;

  • Carrying the flag of its own lane at the forefront in the teamwork it has formed with its friends by keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront, not compromising on service quality against the competitive power in the market conditions and competing according to the market conditions,

  • To share the knowledge gained with its customers

  • To grow continuously with its actively trained and self-developing staff.

  • It has adopted the principle of maintaining its services in the shortest and most reliable way, with the least error, within the framework of legal rules,

  • Our goal with this purpose and enthusiasm; To create the Sky Atlas family, which adds value to its environment with its highly motivated, programmed, meticulous, professional knowledge, skills and legislative staff.

  • The basis of our company's quality policy is to sell the desired quality and quality product with a trade understanding based on trust, which prioritizes customer satisfaction. Our primary goal in our company's quality policy is customer and end-user satisfaction. In this sense, we have been working with a smooth, high quality and uninterrupted service understanding from the moment the user opens the server and starts using it. For this, we aim to respond to customer needs and complaints as soon as possible,

  • To ensure customer satisfaction and continuously improve it,

  • To carry out all our work within the framework of applicable laws and regulations,

  • The participatory staff structure that has adopted the team spirit is one of the most important principles of our quality policy. Our company, which will grow within the start-up culture, performs teamwork and solidarity with its employees in the best way in the process of attaining its corporate identity. Our senior management takes care to ensure the continuation of the love, respect and trust established among its personnel for a long time.

Our Information Security Policy

  • Managing information assets, determining the security values, needs and risks of assets, developing and implementing controls for security risks

  • To define the framework that will determine the methods for determining information assets, values, security needs, vulnerabilities, threats to assets, and frequency of threats.

  • Define a framework for assessing the privacy, integrity, accessibility impacts of threats on assets.

  • To set out the working principles for handling risks.

  • To monitor the risks continuously by reviewing the technological expectations in the context of the scope of service.

  • To meet the information security requirements arising from the national or international regulations to which it is subject, fulfilling the legal and relevant legislation requirements, meeting the obligations arising from the agreements, and Company responsibilities for internal and external stakeholders.

  • To reduce the impact of information security threats on service continuity and to contribute to continuity

  • To have the competence to respond quickly to information security incidents that may occur and to minimize the impact of the incident.

  • To maintain and improve the level of information security over time with a cost-effective control infrastructure.

  • To improve the reputation of the company, to protect it from negative effects based on information security.

    Release Date : 20.02.2015