In order to monitor usage of connected linux server via command line, a terminal is opened primarily. You can get information about source usage by running command line mentioned below on this terminal.

  • Monitoring RAM usage with free command;

$ free -m
        total     used    free  shared    buff/cache     available
Mem:     7874     4579    1097     211          2197         2713
Swap:    8083        0    8083

The  option displays all data in MBs. The total column 7874 MB is the total amount of RAm installed on the system. The used column shows the amount of RAM that has been used by linux, in this case 4579 MB.



  • In order to monitor usage of the disk mounted to system with df command;

$ df -h
Filesystem       Size     Used     Avail    Use%     Mounted on
udev             3,9G        0      3,9G      0%     /dev
tmpfs            788M     9,6M      778M      2%     /run
/dev/sda7        245G      37G      196G     16%     /
tmpfs            3,9G     138M      3,8G      4%     /dev/shm
tmpfs            5,0M     4,0K      5,0M      1%     /run/lock
tmpfs            3,9G        0      3,9G      0%     /sys/fs/cgroup
/dev/sda2         96M      29M       68M     30%     /boot/efi
tmpfs            788M     108K      788M      1%     /run/user/1000


  • In order to monitor users connected to system w command;

$ w
 12:17:10   up   18:14,   2   users,   load average:   0.00,   0.00,   0.00
USER         TTY     FROM     LOGIN@      IDLE        JCPU     PCPU   WHAT
skyatlas     tty1             Mon19       16:41m      0.11s    0.06s  -bash
ubuntu       pts/0            11:54       1.00s       0.07s    0.00s   w


  • In order to monitor general statistics of system  with top command;