You can create not only server that is not accessible from the outside but also server that is accessible from the outside by using Skyatlas Horizon. For instance your web server can be worked in the isolated network which is accessible from the outside. At the same time your database server is not accessible from the outside.


Creating New Network

Page is opened via Network Menu located at under the Network heading at the left of the panel in the Horizon interface. If there is any network created before it is listed in here. In order to create network click the Create Network button at the top-right.


Features of the network is entered via opened pop-up. Appropriate name should be given at the first tab.


Creating Subnet

At the second tab, Subnet details should be entered as shown in screenshot.


Adding DNS

At the final tab, DNS adresses should be entered same as shown in screenshot and then click Create button at the right down to complete process.


Created network is listed at the Network page.


Creating New Router

Page is opened via Routers menu located under the Network heading at the left of the panel. If there is any router created before it is listed here. In order to create new router, click the Create Router button at the top-right.


An appropriate name should be given to the router via opened pop-up.

Created router is listed at the Routers page.


Adding Interface

Click the router name button at the Routers page to open the page including router's details. Click the Add Interface button at the right.


Added Interface is listed at the router details page.


Selecting Gateway

After the steps mentioned above router at the Router page should be chosen as a gateway.Click the Set Gateway button at the end of the router line to choose gateway.


After that gateway selection is completed.