$ openstack floating ip pool list


You can see defined floating IPs in your project with the command.


$ openstack floating ip create FLOATING_IP_NETWORK_ID


This command will complete your project with a public IP from the floating IP Pool.


$ openstack floating ip list

This command will list the instances created in your project, network information of these instances and floating IPs defined on them.


$ openstack server add floating ip INSTANCE_ID FLOATING_IP_ADDRESS


When you detect the ID of an instance that is created before to INSTANCE_ID value and an IP address to FLOATING_IP_ADDRESS value, a floating IP will be assigned to the instance.


Example: nova floating-ip-associate b254c6ee-2832-47d3-b505-e340d14731b5


$ openstack server remove floating ip INSTANCE_NAME_OR_ID FLOATING_IP_ADDRESS

With this command, you can separate an assigned floating IP from the instance.


$ openstack floating ip delete FLOATING_IP_ADDRESS

The command will free the floating IP that defined in your project.